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What is Música en Colores?

It is a method created for all children to start their musical education in a playful, practical, participatory and creative way with specific knowledge of musical language.

The "Music in Colors"® method was created by Estela Cabezas in the 60's, an original creation without precedent, since, even though color had been associated with sounds, never in the pedagogical concept that Estela Cabezas developed.

On the one hand, it relates the musical notes with specific colors, as well as measures in arithmetic proportion from the square for the graphic representation of the duration of the sound. With games and specific strategies, learning begins and flows in a natural way, awakening the children's motivation for musical initiation. Estela Cabezas developed a methodology based on affection, creation and respect for the different abilities and learning styles, allowing all children, without discrimination, to begin a complete process of musical education and integral stimulation.

At the end of the 1960s, he presented his proposal to outstanding musicians of the time, several of them his teachers, who responded with stimulating documents in which one can appreciate their surprise at such an original contribution.

It is also evaluated by authorities of the Ministry of Education where it is resolved in January 1973, after the technical report of the Superintendence of Public Education, to declare the method "Music in Colors"®. "Music in Colors"® method as complementary didactic material for piano teaching.

In 1968, Estela Cabezas travels to New York, where she shows her pedagogical work and receives reports that reveal her surprise at the concept and development of her proposal.

During the 70's, he applies it in his piano lessons and in some educational establishments. He also teaches it to interested teachers.

In 1979, Joan Zambrano, recently graduated as a music pedagogue at the PUCV, and daughter of Estela Cabezas, wrote her degree thesis, designing a program for the application of the method "Music in Colors"® method method in preschool and elementary school, a program that is currently widely applied in educational establishments throughout the country.

The method is disseminated through training courses given under the direction of Joan Zambrano at the Music Education Center "Música en Colores"®, with the support of OTEC and SENCE codes created for this purpose.


June 2023

A day of pedagogical exchange where the Música en Colores method is the common element that allows students from different schools to present themselves and share their learning.

It is a unique opportunity for inclusion that benefits all participants by promoting an environment of respect, understanding and appreciation. 



Article on Music in Colors and Neurosciences by leading child neuropsychiatrist Amanda Cespedes in the Revista de Educación





May 2023

Newsletter to strengthen ties with the Música en Colores community.






This year we are conducting in-person and online Level 1 and Level 2 trainings. To arrange one in your school or region please contact us. To be notified of upcoming trainings, please sign up using this form.


2022 - 2023

On Heritage Day 2022, the feature film "ESTELA, Concierto - Homenaje" will premiere in the main hall of the Municipal Theater of Santiago to commemorate the centenary of Estela Cabezas, author of Música en Colores.

The film is currently in distribution.


October 2022

We held the seminar "Comprehensive student development: experiences and contributions of the Música en Colores method" in conjunction with Universidad Andrés Bello and Fundación CompArte. The speakers linked music education and neurosciences.


November 2022

Music in Colors, CompArte Foundation and Said Somavia Foundation, make real for the fourth year the beautiful pedagogical intervention of stimulation to the integral development of the children and young people of the Humberto Aranda School of Conchalí.


April 2021

On the occasion of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Estela Cabezas' birth, our family donated her historical archive, both artistic (pianist and composer) and pedagogical (Música en Colores), to the Music Archive of the National Library of Chile.


June 2021

Revista Musical Chilena publishes a chronicle on the donation process of the historical archive of Estela Cabezas and Joan Zambrano to the Music Archive of the National Library.





September 2021

September 28, 2021 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Estela Cabezas, author of Música en Colores. To celebrate it we released on all platforms an album with a selection of works from her catalog for piano and cello and piano.


September 2021

September 28, 2021 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Estela Cabezas, author of Música en Colores. To celebrate it, we held a conversation with distinguished guests.


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