the method

Music in colors

It is an original method created by Estela Cabezas, in the 60's, with a history of 50 years, since the first intellectual property registrations were made in 1968.

The method contributes to awaken in children at an early age, the interest, knowledge and love for music, in a didactic and enjoyable way from the age of three or four years old.

music in colors


The Música en Colores method was developed for application in pre-school and elementary education in 1979 and following years by Joan Zambrano, PUCV music professor and daughter of Estela Cabezas, structuring a program with texts for pre-school and elementary education, from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade. It is a complete concept and system that solves the problem of the aridity and high degree of abstraction of the codes of traditional musical notation, allowing children to understand music according to the cognitive abilities of their age. Its elaborated methodology leads children to strengthen their own integral development, facilitating their development in other areas of knowledge.

music in colors

why? implement the method

It is not only an association of shape and color to represent the pitch and duration of the sound. It is an integral way of approaching music education, where communication, affectivity and creativity are developed together with the acquisition of habits, behaviors and values that favor the integral development of the child.

music in colors

expected results

The teacher's training and the good use of didactic material helps the infants to acquire basic functions and spatial-temporal location, as well as stimulates other learning areas such as mathematics and verbal language throughout the process. All this set of actions enhances the development of skills and talents that allow children to express themselves, share with others, feel valued and happy.

music in colors

description of the methodology

The identification of the notes with colors and the duration of the sound with arithmetical proportions give rise to a logical visual chart perfectly applicable to the conventional writing system, so that the subsequent transition is achieved without difficulty, when practice and 

The child's maturity allows him/her to understand the abstract signs of traditional music notation.

In the school process, the transfer to the traditional notation system begins in 2nd grade and is prolonged according to the regularity and frequency of the musical activity. However, due to the complexity of the subject, mainly because of the number of courses, this methodology has been prolonged, facilitating the teacher's task and the students' conduction.

For school education, MUSIC IN COLORS comprises a seven-level cycle for application in preschool and elementary school. The method is complemented with the games "Musical Lottery" and "The Little Composer", as well as CDs for each course.


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